Because it's different and looks hard to pull off (don't worry, it isn't), wearing a plum suit will immediately place you in a more advanced class of menswear-ers. You know, guys who know the basic rules of suiting, but aren't afraid to test the limits of those rules.



I need your clothes, your boots and your motorbike.

Purple is not, traditionally, the colour associated with a man's who gets shit done—until now. You can call it aubergine, burgundy, plum, garnet, or mauve, but that's less important than the fact that purple, when used correctly, can be your new go-to neutral🍂

A big Toblerone provides a great device storage solution.

B's always chase the honeys🐝

See ya losers.

Head-to-ankles grey and a fresh pair of white sneakers.

When you get it 😂😂

Evoke the thought of spring in Havana with a tobacco linen and rakish Panama hat.

Not for me, that's for sure🤢

1, 2 or 3?

Morning superheroes!

See ya!

The recent trend for painter's coats and workwear-as-streetwear has meant that a host of designers have taken the field coat and implemented new cloths, cuts and patterns.


Left or right?

The trench coat used to be a mere tool, a workmanlike way to stay dry. Starting now, it’s officially a style move that happens to resist rain. We’re seeing trenches in gloriously un-khaki colours: everything from plaid wool and expensive-looking flecked grey to dark-’n’-stormy black.

From the sharp haircuts to the dapper three-piece suits, there’s something about the swagger of Tommy Shelby’s attire that has us yearning for an occasion to wear something just as fearless.


Idris knows how to wear two-thirds of a three piece suit.


See ya dudes.

Left or right?

1, 2 or 3?